Be My Guest!

Currently I’m looking for guest bloggers who can recommend writing books to other writers. Treat it like a book review.

I need the following basic info before putting you on the schedule:
Subject/Topic – sometimes the “label” doesn’t say what’s “in the tin.”
Where you got the book – If the book is hard to find, say so. Suggest how to get a copy.

Your blog post can answer questions like:

1) What did you like about the book?
2) What made you get the book?
3) How did/does this book help you with your writing?
4) How does this book compare to others on the same topic?

Again, the post should be no longer than 1k words, but ideally between 500-800 words.

Try to get a jpg of the cover image.

Include a short bio with a few links.

FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. As long as your book hasn’t been featured already, chances are you will be scheduled. 🙂

Still interested? If so, please email me at zetta[at]zettasdesk[dot]com for more details.