10 Common Mistakes of Self-Published Writers

Originally posted on Patricia J. Parsons:
Okay, we’ve all made mistakes. And I doubt that there’s a writer among us who has yet to experience a misstep in his or her writing career. Throughout my (long) writing and publishing history, I’ve made my share of doozies (To read about one of them see The dumbest publishing decision I ever made), but to broaden my observations even further, I’ve observed a long litany of mistakes among my fellow authors as well. Here are the ten I believe to be the most common. Publishing a first (or even second) draft. As a new writer,… Continue reading 10 Common Mistakes of Self-Published Writers

GUEST BLOG: Native Texan, by Zetta Brown

This was written before the terrorist hate crime in SC, but it does touch on a few of the issues we’re dealing with in the aftermath. Check it out. 🙂 REAL SOUTHERN, REAL WOMEN I was born in a very small North Texas town, and I was born a Negro…which became black…which became Afro/Black/African-American. But while American society came up with new names to call me based on my race, I just considered myself a Texan. I remember as a child playing in the red dirt of my parent’s home town, eating Moon Pies, drinking grape Nehi or red cream … Continue reading GUEST BLOG: Native Texan, by Zetta Brown