Petition to Demand Change in Amazon’s Treatment of eBook Returns

kindlesAmazon’s return policy and how they treat ebooks is completely detrimental and unfair when you consider how Amazon treats other “media items.” To quote Amazon’s return policy: “Media items (for example, movies, music, video games, and software) must be unopened and still in their plastic wrap.”

Why aren’t ebooks treated the same? As a publisher and author of ebooks, we know how Amazon returns can wipeout significant earnings. I’m sharing a message that I received in my email.


*** Permission to forward ***

There’s a petition on to get Amazon to change their policy regarding ebook returns/refunds. Right now too many people are buying ebooks, reading them
within the 7 days allotted for returns, then returning them for a full refund. There are people who cheerfully brag about doing this and see nothing wrong with
it. I and many others see it as another form of piracy. Whether you’re traditionally published or indie published, this policy negatively affects authors’ incomes. If
you’re interested in signing, here’s the link:

And here’s a tweet to help spread the word:
Pls RT Sign & spread the word: petition against #Amazon #ebook return policy.

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