Sample Query / Submission Cover Letter

This is something that we used to have up on our website at LL-Publications and Logical-Lust Publications as part of our submission guidelines when we were open to general submissions. It was meant to be a helpful tool for those interested in submitting their work to us or asking if we would be interested in reading their full manuscript.

Oh, if only people would listen.

Using this exact letter wasn’t mandatory to get past our door, but if more people made their initial approach with something like the following letter–they would have found themselves getting over that first hurdle: getting an editor interested in their work.

Our sample letter lays out the pertinent information in a concise way. What do I mean, you ask? Because:

  1. It is professional in tone.
  2. It says how/where the submitter discovered the publishing house. This is a good thing to show the editor/publisher that you have done your homework.
  3. It gives all the vital details such as contact info, short blurb,rights ownership, and hints to a marketing plan.
  4. It is professional in tone. Whoops! I’ve said that already. It must be an important point, then.

Ima Goode-Writer

Pen name (Notta Hack)

123 Penn Street

Any Town, Any State/Country


(555) 555-6789

Dear Editor,

I saw your listing/heard about you in/from                              and would like to submit my mainstream fiction novel, Perfect, for your consideration.

Perfect is a contemporary story set in New York about a writer, Sally Vane, who is offered a multi-book, multi-million dollar deal for submitting a manuscript with no editorial mistakes whatsoever. Her writing is perfect and she has the need to tell the world. However, she faces a dilemma when others in the book industry try to tell her otherwise.

I enclose the following:

  • A full author bio
  • A detailed synopsis, including characterization
  • The first, second, and last chapters
  • Preliminary marketing proposal.

This novel stems from the popularity of movies and television programs showing an “insider” look at an industry. I believe the Perfect audience for this novel are people between 25-35 who enjoy movies like The Devil Wears Prada and television shows such as Ugly Betty. Although the protagonist is a woman, I believe men will find the story entertaining.

I declare that I am the author and sole owner of Perfect and that it is original and contains no matter unlawful in its content, nor does it violate the rights of any third party.

Should my submission be to your liking, I am prepared to send you the complete manuscript. I am also willing to promote my work in an effort to increase sales. As a high school teacher, I am used to speaking before an audience, and I live in an area with several large bookstores and other venues allowing me to network and reach the public.

I look forward to your response.


Ima Goode-Writer


Creative Commons License
Sample Query/Submission Cover Letter by Zetta Brown is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at ©2012 by Zetta Brown

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